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The Timeline! [Sep. 18th, 2006|09:49 am]
Define Life


[mood |nerdy]
[music |You All Everybody--Driveshaft]

April 1, 1982: Francis Jonathan Sullivan, later known as Jack Kelly, is born.

August 29, 1982: David Jacobs born.

October 15, 1987: Racetrack cheats Jack out of his lunch money in his cup game scam. Jack beats him up after school.

October 16, 1987: Jack saves Race from some older kids (who Race also scammed). A lifelong friendship is born.

October 11, 1995: Francis Sullivan Sr. is arrested for drug trafficking and assault with a deadly weapon.

May 25, 1996: Bridget Sullivan née Kelly is hit by a car driven by drunken frat boy jocks and dies instantly.

September 8, 1998 (grade eleven): Jack meets David, crashing into him while jock-baiting.

June, 1999: David visits Jack on his grandparent's ranch in Santa Fe.

September 13, 1999: David asks Jack out.

September 17, 1999: The date!

March 27, 2000: Jack and David have a fight and stop talking.

April 1, 2000: They make out up.

Summer 2000: Jack stays in New York with David. (He always spent previous summers in Santa Fe with his grandparents)

2000-2004: College. Jack studies Journalism and sells used cars while David studies Elementary Education.

March 4, 2001: Matthew Aidan Kelly-Jacobs, né Gardner, is born.

March 8, 2004: Jack gets a 'real job', working for a newspaper. David starts teaching grade two.

July 2, 2004: Jack comes out to his co-workers at a fourth of July party.

July 6, 2004: Jack gets fired.

August 2, 2004: After writing and submitting an angry article to the Advocate, Jack gets hired there! Yay!

November 20, 2004: Jack gets to interview Anthony Rapp; David gets jealous.

December 10, 2004: Awwwwwkward double-date with Jack, David, Anthony, and Rodney

January 12, 2005: When David forgets his lunch, Jack takes it to school for him, and watches him with the kids. He decides he wants to adopt a little girl.

February 19-21, 2005: Jack and David babysit Sarah's son, Gabriel, and figure they can totally handle a kid of their own.

March 7, 2005: They adopt Matt instead of a girl, because they both see themselves in him.

September 6, 2006: Matt, in kindergarten, draws his new family. The teacher has Issues.

June 5-12, 2006: Dutchy and Specs babysit Matt while Jack and David take a vacation.

April 3, 2007: Francis Sullivan Sr. shows up, just out of jail, to 'reconnect' with Jack.

April 4, 2009: Jack and Matt convince David to let them get a dog.

August 16-23, 2013: Matt stays with Spot and Race while Jack and David vacation. Spot takes Matt with him when he gets a tattoo, and Matt decides that he wants one, too. David (and Jack, for once) forbids it, which leads to a huge fight between them. Spot talks to Matt about family, and this leads to the two of them bonding. From here on, Matt spends almost as much time at Spot and Race's house as he does at home.

September 12, 2016: Matt tries out for the football team, but doesn't make it (just like Jack!).

October 17, 2016: Matt meets Hannah when he covers the debate team for the school newspaper.

October 21, 2016: Matt and Hannah's first date. Jack and David don't know about it.

November 19, 2016: Spot convinces Matt to fake an ear-piercing, causing David to freak out (as you do).

March 10, 2017: Hannah is invited over before a date to 'Meet the Parents'. David warms to her, but Jack flat out hates her, convinced (illogically) that she's a slut.

March 13, 2017: Undaunted, Hannah is invited over for supper. Jack's attitude towards her leads to the second major fight between Matt and his dads.

February 7, 2018: Matt discovers film, and is fascinated by it.

March 4, 2018: Jack buys Matt a Marf for his birthday. Les gets him a high-tech, fancy digital camera and a new laptop to edit minimovies on.

September 9, 2019: Much to David's dismay, Matt enters college 'undecided'. He has no idea what he wants to do, just that he doesn't want to have the same job as his dads, or any of his 'uncles'.

September 12, 2019: Matt meets Alex, his roommate. They become friends (and, actually, nothing more than friends, despite Jack and David's suspicions).

June 28, 2022: Matt graduates from college with a major in Film and a minor in English. He decides to work as a TV writer.

2022-2026: Matt creates several crappy shows, none of which get the green light. He winds up working low-level jobs, though admittedly with high-profile directors, writers, and actors.

March 5, 2026: After an offhanded comment at his birthday party the day before, Matt comes up with the idea of basing a show off his own life. The result--a dramady called Define Life--is an instant hit.

May 12, 2028: Matt meets his wife, Tamara Kieele, who is a friend of Alex's current girlfriend. It's love at first sight. (Think the song One Boy, One Girl)

October 13, 2029: Matt and Tammy get married.

September 24, 2030: Matt's kids--twins, one boy, one girl--are born.

June 25, 2043: David retires, and Jack decides to retire as well, though he continues to write on a freelance basis. He surprises David by moving them to his grandparents' ranch in Santa Fe, which he inherited and has kept up all these years.