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Define Life
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how do you define life?

Define Life is a series of fics written by two (very shmexy) girlfriends, deesarrachi and theboysgonehome. It's fanfiction for the musical Newsies, mainly revolving around the lives of David Jacobs and Jack Kelly, as well as their adopted son, Matt, and their friends. It spans from 1998 to 2043, and will (hopefully) be made up of many, many fics. We have lots of ideas (because we're lame like that), so there's sure to be lots of action in this mini-offshoot of fandom.

Please note that all 'canon' characters (David, Jack, Dutchy, etc.) are property of Disney, and not us. Matt, however, is our baby and we love him. Let us know if you're going to use him somewhere; we don't bite. Other people, anyway. No money is being made from this; it's all for fun, so please don't sue.

Since the fics are posted in no order whatsoever, it may be helpful to read the the Time Line, and refer back to it as necessary.